Mind Combined - Singularity M/V 
 with dmtpstvm by DIMITO 

Korea's best R&B artist and producer'Jinbo aka superfreck',
which is chosen by numerous artists such as
BTS, SHINee, Red Velvet, and FX, and'Peejay', the best producer of
top Korean artists such as Binzino, ZionT, and Zico.
Released the second album,
“CIRCLE,” after 11 years of the project duet of the two artists, “Mind Combined”.
The first title track Singularity music video was accompanied by dimito.

01. Singularity
02. Multiverse
03. Waterfalls
04. Can You Understand
05. Interlude
06. Show Me
07. Swiss Gold08. Purple Sky

Executive Producer @ WALKIN' RECORDS

All written & produced by Mind Combined
Album Producer Mind Combined
Artist Management ᄋ@ WALKIN' RECORDS
Recorded by @ Dream Factory Studio
All Tracks Mixed by PEEJAY @ WALKIN' RECORDS
All Tracks Mastered by Mike Bozzi @ Bernie Grundman Mastering Studio
Cover Art by Yoon Hyup
Vinyl Design by Rarebirth

dmtpstvm by DIMITO⚡️
www.dimito.com 🌎